Top 5 Alternate Versions I want to see.

There are so many extended versions, directors cuts, alternate cuts, longer versions, and shorter versions out there, that should I start listing all the ones I wanted to see, this would be a site to rival the IMDB site.

So, I thought I would list the Top 5 Alternate Cuts that I would love to have in my collection.  Perhaps you agree with me, and perhaps you dont. But hey, thats why this site has a comments section. Share with me your own choices. I of course could have created a Top 10 or 20 or 30, but I figure 5 is enough to get you all started.

At Number 5.

The Godfather Saga.


I used to own this on VHS, sadly its vanished as did any VHS player that I owned. To my knowledge The Godfather Epic has never appeared on legitimate DVD (although Im sure bootlegs are out there)

So what is The Godfather Saga?

The total run time for this version is 583 minutes (9 hours, 43 minutes)

It is a re-edited version of the trilogy removing flashbacks and instead placing the whole saga into chronological order. But thats not the impressive bit. Its the whole truck load of extra scenes edited into the film. Scenes that were never in the theatrical cuts.

Number 4 is

Terrence Malicks The Thin Red Line.

Thin Red Line

Running at 170 minutes, I love this film. Its visual poetry and not everyone likes the film. Coming out the same year as Saving Private Ryan, most people seem to prefer Ryan to The Thin Red Line. However. I dont.

The rumored original cut of this film ran at just under 6 hours and included scenes with  Bill Pullman, Gary Oldman, Lukas Haas, Viggo Mortensen,Martin Sheen, and Mickey Rourke. Whilst not everyone could or would sit and watch a 6 hour version of the film. I for one. WOULD.

Number 3.

Superman II The ABC TV Version


The 1984 ABC Television broadcast of Superman II used over 30 minutes of footage deleted from its theatrical release, almost all directed by Donner. The ABC scenes include: Superman flying past the Concorde (intended for the first film), extra dialogue between Luthor and Otis in jail, extra dialogue between Luthor and Eve flying to and within the Fortress of Solitude, the death of the young boy trying to escape East Houston, Idaho, the soufflé, and scenes between Superman and Lois. Nearly fifteen minutes of extra footage with Gene Hackman includes a pivotal scene in the Fortress where Luthor begs forgiveness from Superman. Whilst I do love the Donner Cut (available) I would still love to see this ABC version of the film. Also any chance I can see the extended TV versions of Superman and Superman 3.

At Number 2 on my wish list is.


Another film that a lot of people have somehow fallen out of love with.

Ive always been a fan, pretty much of any James Cameron film but I still want to see what Titanic looks like with the 40 odd minutes worth of deleted scenes cut back into the film. There were hopes a few years ago that this version would surface. Sadly it didnt (no that wasnt a Titanic pun).

But at Number 1 is a film that I first heard about during an apparent shocking audience reaction at Cannes (but what do they know)

Its a film that I own on DVD but sadly only the reedited version.

Its the fantastic Southland Tales by Richard Kelly.

Its one of those films that out of all my friends, I dont know anyone that has watched it. (Thats a crime). Its a very strange film, its a very wonderful film (but anyone who saw Richard Kellys Donnie Darko knows that noone does strange and wonderful, quite like Richard Kelly. Check out the film Domino for more strange and wonderful, and also his film The Box.


Anyways. . Southland Tales

A rough cut shown at Cannes (Richard presumed the rough cut wouldnt be accepted, but it was) and was shown to an audience who failed to ‘get it’ and were pretty harsh towards the film.

So the film went back into the ‘garage’ and Richard did some major work on it, finalising VFX shots, and cutting down some scenes to bring the film out in a now 145 minute version (instead of the 160 minute version)


Some positioning of sequences within the film were also altered and so I guess the only people who know what the original cut looked like are Richard Kelly and members of the Cannes audience in 2006.

I hope that one day Richard heads back to Southland Tales so I can see what the original cut of the film looks like.

I can but hope.


So there you have it, Top 5 Alternate versions of films I want to have in my collection or at least want to be able to see.

What are your choices?


4 thoughts on “Top 5 Alternate Versions I want to see.

  1. The Godfather chronological cut would be interesting to watch. I would probably still prefer the original cuts, but I would at least want to give the alternative cut a try.

    I’ve never seen Southland Tales. I have seen it discussed and reviewed. To be honest, and sorry if this is rude, but it looked like an unholy mess. That being said, I believe (though I could be wrong) that was the theatrical cut being reviewed, and I’ve read on a message board that there is apparently a director’s cut out there that is much better. How true that is, I do not know.

    Anyway, fun post! Have you seen all he Bladerunner cuts? I have a DVD edition that has all but one on there. I haven’t had the chance to look through it yet, unfortunately.


    • The Godfather is pretty good, I dont think itll ever replace the theatrical versions but its definitely worth checking to get rid of your curiosity. Regarding Southland Tales. I too had seen many a bashing review for the film but having seen most of Richard Kellys other work I trusted him instead of anonymous internet reviewers. So glad I did, the film is very strange but thats a great thing. Who wants all films to be the same. Also with casting such as The Rock, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Justin Timberlake, the film is very special indeed and I want to see more. Id recommend checking it out.


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