Lets talk about Emii who stars in Starship Rising

Over the past week or so I have been tweeting and creating some articles about the up and coming Neil Johnson film Starship Rising. I first wrote about the poster art and trailer that was released, which you of course can see in this article as well as the others. A couple of days ago, I looked into what Starship Rising and Back To The Future actress Claudia Wells had been up to since I last saw her on screen, but today Im looking into one of the other stars of Starship Rising, An actress with an unusual name and her name is Emii.


She was born in 1984 with the name Emily Rose Morrison and just doesnt just act, Emii is also a recording Artist, a martial artist,and a  singer-songwriter with 3 EPs, and 8 singles being released, with her first hit music single, Magic, which received heavy airplay and was the #1 Most Viewed music-related video worldwide on the day it hit YouTube. Definitely a talent.


Emii is taking the role of Jolli in Neil Johnsons film Starship Rising and its going to be fantastic seeing Emii (who will be credited as Emily Rose Morrison, according to the IMDB) in this science fiction film, along side such talents as Claudia Wells, and Brooke Lewis.


What will Jolli be like? Well only time will tell and of course a viewing of the film will answer that question, but the more I learn about Starship Rising, the more excited I am about the project.


Also in the very near future, Neil Johnson will be (hopefully be) appearing on an episode of FromPage2Screen’s movie podcast, so If YOU have any questions about the film or Neils work. Leave them in the comments below.

For now, if you havent, then check out this trailer for Starship Rising, coming soon in 2014.


starship rising


To learn more about Emii head over to her IMDB page HERE

You can also head over to Emii’s Official Site HERE


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