Meet the cast of The Expedition Movie @expeditionmovie

Youll have seen of writing, heard me talking, and seen the mass amount of tweets and Facebook messages about the movie entitled The Expedition.

But do you know who is in the film? Well here is a run down of some of the cast. Just so you know.

Mr Ben Loyd-Holmes 

ben loyd holmes

Ben has starred in several high profile projects that include  the James Bond film “Skyfall

David S Goyer’s “Da Vinci’s Demons”

ITV’s “Whitechapel”

BBC’s “Torchwood”


Ben also had a major role as Private McIntosh in the Steven Spielberg mini series “Band Of Brothers”. Which to this date is still the best mini series that I have ever seen.

Ben is also a  producer. His 2011 feature film “The Hike” was sold and distributed through Lionsgate and in 2012 Ben Loyd Holmes won Best Producer at the London Horror Festival for“Art House Massacre

Ben Loyd Holmes is ‘Profession John Howson’ in The Expedition.

Ben’s IMDB Page is here:

Angela Peters.


A familiar face on Australia’s Seven Network (QLD) for the 2009 season of “Queensland’s Best Living”, Angela has also appeared in feature films and short films that have been screened at the Dubai International Film Festival, Queens International Film Festival, Budapest Film Festival, East End Film Festival, and in cinemas throughout the UK and Europe.

As well as acting, Angela Peters is also in development with her own screenplays, she also writes a popular acting blog ( , and Angela also runs the UK branch of a cross-Atlantic actor networking programme.

Sarah Mac

Sarah Mac


Daniel Caren

Daniel Caren

Daniel has starred in ITV’s “Whitechapel” as well as several episodes of “The Bill”.

In 2011 Daniel starred in “The Hike” alongside Ben Loyd-Holmes.Dan also starred in the short film “The Girl Is Mime” with Martin Freeman and will appear in ‘The Expedition’ as ‘James’. Other projects that feature Dan include a film that I am very eager to see. The Paul Tanter directed ‘He Who Dares’ which is currently in post-production and co-stars Ben Loyd Holes, Lorraine Stanley and Simon Phillips.

Dan’s IMDB page is here:

Simon Burbage

Simon Burbage

Wonderfully cursed with comedic talent Simon is an infectiously enthusiastic actor who steadfastly refuses to grow up.  Simon graduated from the  East 15 Acting School,and his  credits include

‘Pulp: The Movie’

‘Survivors’ (written and directed by Adam Spinks)

Theatre productions include ‘Inherit The Wind’ at the Old Vic Theatre in London where he starred alongside Kevin Spacey.

Simons IMDB page is here:

So there you have it, a brief overview of some of the cast of The Expedition.

With 9 days left to go, there is still a large amount of time for the film to hit its funding goal. But dont let 9 days stop you from donating now. I put my donation in over a week ago. Get it out of the way and help The Expedition hit it goal so that the cast and crew can give us the very best film that we need to see. I love the premise of this film. Hopefully as someone who is reading this, you also enjoy great films.  The Expedition looks fantastic.

Check out their Twitter page @expeditionmovie

The Facebook page: The Expedition Facebook Page

or just head straight to their fundraising page for far more information that I have here.

Indiegogo Page for The Expedition


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