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Inspired by the people that help the homeless and dedicated to the homeless of the UK.

This film will tackle the issues that are swept under the carpet and it won’t be a romantic comedy or blood fest and it doesn’t contain one single gangster but the cold hard truth about some of the UK’s most vulnerable people that live day to day and night without no food or shelter.

They are currently casting and are in search of the right actors to convey the realism and trauma that people have to endure on our streets and you can find out more about that in the ‘Cast & Crew and casting sections of their blog

But its not all despair. The film will have a soft and endearing side.

Much like the reports today and a genuinely quite heart-warming that the filmmakers recently heard  about a homeless lady that used to sell the Big Issue outside the Pret A Manger who was then given a job by the firm and is now working inside.

UK Homelessness in London is rising at three times the national rate according to national charity for single homeless people Crisis UK. This film will focus on some of those couples and single people in the UK.

In research for the making of this film the producer, Mr Johnny Lynch raised money, he slept rough, worked in some of the cities food bank centres and with homeless people on the streets and in some of the homeless centres run by dedicated staff to try and get to know the people, to find out what’s important to them and to find out what they really want.

With that time spent Johnny developed a far better knowledge about those in our society that have been forgotten but also researching what he needed to do in order to  begin making the actual film Johnny found  the 60s film ‘Cathy Come Home’ directed by Ken Loach which was one of the inspirations for the homeless charity ‘Crisis’ to form.

There is not a lot of research in TV and Film to be found for such a huge problem that we have in our society, A programme that Johnny Lynch watched while researching is a brilliant drama called ‘Home’ with Johnny Harris and Lorraine Stanley both who most will remember from that hard hitting and pulled no punches film ‘London to Brighton’

‘Home’ is the story of a Homeless couple Tommy and Mary and the search for the enigmatic Howie, a friend from the streets who has seemingly disappeared. As they dig deeper on their quest, new, unsettling truths emerge.

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Some of the ‘crew’ and people behind  the project.

At Broken Films, we’re delighted to have Gaynor Edwards on board who will become an advocate for the film and its production. Gaynor is a professional marketer with experience across several industry sectors worldwide. In her spare time, Gaynor coaches people in life skills and career management, volunteers for charity as well as producing her own music and choreography.


For Gaynor, her motivation to be part of this film is to raise awareness of the startling amount of women in the UK who’ve been the victim of domestic abuse, and are left vulnerable and desperate due to lack of support and finance. It is a shocking fact that hundreds of women each week are threatened and forced out on the streets, many with children, and don’t know where to go for help or refuge. Through the production of this film, Gaynor believes that many hard truths can be relayed in a way that people will engage with, and leave a lasting legacy, altering perception and driving positive action in our society.

Broken Films are proud and so lucky to have Gaynor on board and with her business skills and volunteer work she is indeed an asset to the film marketing and production team here at ‘Broken Films’ which will bring the truth about ‘Homelessness’ to you in 2013
A message from one of the films ‘ambassadors’ Karen Johnson who has taken a role in production so Johnny Lynch can concentrate on the boring production details but can also bring the real human truth to this problem in the UK as you can see this is much more than just another film. I hope you welcome Karen and her honesty and am sure with the help of this brave lady and a survivor this will continue to grow and help some of the UK’s most vulnerable people on our streets today.

karen Johnson

My name is Karen Johnson and I am a confident woman who was personally a victim of domestic abuse. I know what it is like, the pain, the brutality and most of all, the silence. Far too many victims of domestic abuse remain silent in such a difficult period of their lives. A small percentage of these ultimately become homeless, with nowhere else to go but to dwell in the streets thinking they have nobody to help them, this is what I want to change with my campaign as an Ambassador.

In the year 2013, it has been recorded that 1.2 million people have experienced domestic abuse, many of whom became homeless.

In addition, 63% of all women have experienced at least once case of domestic abuse in their lives, and 1 in 10 teenagers admit to have experienced physical or mental abuse while in a heterosexual relationship.

Broken Films and those connected with the project aim to help all of these, especially the victims who are now homeless.

This film in production will expose the deprivation, heartache and vulnerability, loneliness, fear and isolation that these people have to deal with every day of their lives. Most of us are completely ignorant when it comes to what goes on behind doors, or in the streets.

Broken films will therefore aim to  enlighten many people about the terrible situation that is happening under our very noses.

Broken films aims to help change lives, give hope; establish a framework upon which woman can grow strong and confident, but mainly to help these women abandon the world of drugs, alcohol and homelessness for ever.


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