Up & Coming Film : King Of The Travellers.

One of the wonderful things (and there are many) about hosting a podcasting and blogging world devoted to film and television is the discovery of films and stories that normally youd never have found, were you not always seeking topics to chat or write about.

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered one of these ‘gems’ when the great people of Metrodome passed me a distribution disc of ‘King Of The Travellers’

I dont moan at you if you havent heard of the film. In all honesty I hadnt heard of the film until I read the press release about it.

So Annette & I sat down one evening to  watch the disc and found a wonderful film.

Youl will hear more about King Of The Travellers over the next week or so as the film has a limited (sadly) cinema release but the good news is, the film hits DVD and Blu Ray on April 1st (no joke)

For now. Ill tease you with the trailer. The poster artwork and a cast photo.




Visit the Official Site 


Facebook Page


Internet Movie Database Page


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