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What do Cameron Crowe & UK film maker Dominic Burns have in common.

Well more than likely a few things but for the purpose of this article, I am going to focus on one.

They are the only two directors in the film world that have had ALL their directorial efforts viewed by me. Yes I have seen every film directed by Cameron and every film that’s been directed by Dominic.

This evening I completed my Dominic Burns filmography by watching the 2011 film How To Stop Being A Loser.


What can I say about that film? Well anything I want, this is my blogging account.

I loved this film. Funny as hell.  The casting is brilliant with Simon Phillips as “James” a stereotypical loser who can barely speak to women. However when he wants to shake that lifestyle off he seeks the help of ‘Guru’ “Ampersand” brilliantly played by Chris Conway.

I have seen Simon Phillips in so many films but this is the first time I have seen him in full on comedy mode and he is fantastic in it. He seems to really enjoy this role. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time.

Simon should and hopefully will do more comedy, but with his directing career having taken off brilliantly last year with the hard hitting film GBH, Will Simon  focus on behind the camera more than in front of the camera only time will tell. I selfishly would like Simon Phillips to act AND direct as he does with with perfection.

The rest of the film is perfectly cast with such great names who give great performances such as Colin Salmon, Martin Compston, Neil Maskell, Martin Kemp and the wonderful Billy Murray.

But this isn’t just a film that is populated with ‘the guys’ There are some funny and wonderful roles for the ladies of the cast.  Rita Ramnani (Rise and Fall of a White Collar Hooligan) , Sheridan Smith (Tower Block) , Dani Thompson (Fall Of The Essex Boys), and Gemma Atkinson (Hollyoaks) all play wonderfully in this funny and emotional film. Whilst it has some laugh out loud moments (many of them), How To Stop Being A Loser also makes sense and can either remind us of ourselves or remind us of other people we know (Im not saying which camp I am in)

Of course it wouldn’t be polite if I didn’t mention that Director Dominic Burns also appears in the film as “Neil” and keeps his acting skills alive with his roles within his projects. I really like Dominic in front of the camera but also his talent behind the camera works perfectly. As I said with Simon Phillips, I hope this man doesn’t give up one role for the other. Keep Both Dominic.

So whats next. Well I am all up to date with Dominic Burns films. I hope he reads this and makes more films soon. As I am all up to date.

Thank you to everyone involved in this film. You’ve made my day.



Director Dominic Burn

For those who haven’t seen the film.

Here is the trailer for How To Stop Being A Loser.


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