The White Collar Hooligan Rises Again in 2013

2012 saw me launch my latest podcast and media ‘enterprise’ The British Movie Show.
There were three films that I saw in 2012 that were responsible for my reminded interest in British Movies.
Those films were and are.
Hard Boiled Sweets by David LG Hughes.
Deviation by JK Amalou
Rise & Fall Of A White Collar Hooligan by Paul Tanter.
So it is with pleasure that I received the first batch of information to the follow on from the Paul Tanter directed film.
Here it is for you
Eighteen months on from the events of The Rise & Fall of a White Collar Hooligan; Mike (played by Nick Nevern) and Katie (played by Rita Ramnani) are living happily in Spain under witness protection and are expecting their first child. Now relaxed with their new identities, Mike goes to a football match in Barcelona but is spotted and recognised by associates of his old credit card firm, many of whom his testimony helped put away. Soon Mike finds his old life catching up with him as Katie is kidnapped and he is given four days to return all the money that Eddie stole. Desperate for help, Mike heads to New York seeking the cash he needs before returning to London for a deadly showdown. 
With the stakes even higher this time, White Collar Hooligan 2 takes in international locations, bigger fights and more explosive action as Mike struggles to save Katie and his unborn child.
The film sees Nick Nevern (The Sweeney) and Simon Phillips (Jack Falls) return as Mike Jacobs and Eddie Hill, joined by regulars Rita Ramnani (The Last Seven) and Peter Barrett (GBH). Stars Vas Blackwood (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrells), Tony Denham (The Football Factory), Neil Large (Turnout), Tom Knight (He Who Dares) and Ewan Ross (The Fall of the Essex Boys) also appear.
The film is Written and directed by Paul Tanter.

Produced by Alain Wildberger, Simon Phillips, Paul Tanter and Jonathan Sothcott for Press On Features.

White Collar Hooligan 2: England Away is released on May 20th by Momentum. You can follow updates at and

Check out the trailer.

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