British Actress to take on significant role in Dexter Season 8

Some great casting news for possible and hopefully (I love the show but I think it does need to stick to its planned 8th and final season) final season of Showtimes Dexter.

Actress Charlotte Rampling will go up against Dexter as some sort of ‘foe’


According to Entertainment Weekly, British actress Charlotte Rampling will have a recurring role as a neuro-psychiatrist who specializes in working with young psychopaths and profiling criminals in unorthodox ways.

The role apparently has a very significant impact  season eights storyline.

Dexter will be returning to the networks in June 2013 for its run.



One thought on “British Actress to take on significant role in Dexter Season 8

  1. I do like Charlotte Rampling so good call.
    However, you may be shocked and stunned to hear that I have never seen an episode of Dexter, much to my utter shame and dismay. I intend to remedy this soon, though. Problem is, if you pooled together the total hours of all of the really cool American dramas that exist, there wouldn’t be enough time in the entire history of the Universe (past, present and future) to watch them all. I still have a three series of Breaking Bad on disc just waiting for me to find the time.


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