Dracula (1958) Blu Ray release coming in March 2013

One of the tasks that I have set myself this year is to watch a film for every year of film.Starting with 1896 and some weird silent horror film with a flying bat thing in it (I forget the name)

I do already have a huge DVD and film collection so finding a film for each year isnt that hard, but pre-70s will mean a little bit of searching. This is a good thing because it enables me to see films that I have never seen and scarily (pun intended) should most definitely should have watched seeing as I host film podcasts and write film blog articles

One of these films is hitting Blu Ray this year (March 18th ) with a ton of special features which will be something I purchase

If my friend John Gallagher is reading this, he will be horrified (another pun that is intended) that I havent seen this classic film but hey. Ive seen thousands of films so some do slip through the cracks.


Terence Fisher’s 1958 classic DRACULA, has been fully restored in High Def The home viewing release will contain two versions of the feature (seamlessly branched on the Blu-ray):

The 2007 British Film Institute restoration and the 2012 Hammer restoration, which adds additional footage that has been unavailable for decades due to BBFC censorship

Available 18th March in the UK on 3-disc Double Play, the pack comprises 1 x Blu-ray and 2 x DVD, the release also includes brand new featurettes, a new commentary track, multiple bonus extras

which are four brand-new featurettes:

“Dracula Reborn”.

30 min. featurette about the film’s creation and its history, featuring, among others: Jimmy Sangster,Kim Newman (film critic), Mark Gatiss, Jonathan Rigby and Janina Faye (Tania in the film).

“Resurrecting Dracula”20 min. featurette about the film’s restoration, from the BFI’s 2007 restoration through to the integration of “lost” footage, featuring interviews with key staff at the BFI, Molinare and Deluxe142. Also covers the February 2012 world premiere of Hammer’s interim restored version including “vox pop” interviews with fans after the event.

“The Demon Lover: Christopher Frayling on Dracula”.

30 min. featurette.

“Censoring Dracula”.

10 min. featurette on the original cuts to the film ordered by the British Board of Film Censors.

The release also contains the type of special feature that I really do enjoy and that is a commentary track.
The new commentary is by Hammer historian Marcus Hearn and author & critic Jonathan Rigby.

All 4 surviving “Japanese reels” (6 – 9) unrestored (40 mins).
The World Of Hammer episode: Dracula And The Undead.
Janina Faye reading a chapter of Stoker’s novel at the VAULT festival.
Stills Gallery of over 100 fully-restored and rare images.
Booklet by Hammer archivist Robert J. E. Simpson (PDF).
Original shooting script (PDF).

I shall be picking this one up when it hits the shops. What are your thoughts on these Hammer films and the Dracula films in general?

4 thoughts on “Dracula (1958) Blu Ray release coming in March 2013

  1. I’ll forgive you 😉 That blu ray version looks pretty cool, I’d like to see those featurettes.
    While I’m here, I’ll recommend some brilliant silent horrors for your 2013 task:
    The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (1920)
    Das Wachsfigurenkabinett (Waxworks) (1924)
    Haxan (1922)
    Nosferatu (1922)
    The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923)
    Metropolis (more sci fi than horror) (1927)


    • thanks for checking out the article Simon, much appreciated. was it yourself who found the footage? interesting….tell me more 🙂


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