New Year Resolutions Series #1 : By @BrookeLewisLA

Most people (but not all) try to come up with resolutions for a new year. Some people manage to make them work, some people dont.

Some people believe in new year resolutions, others dont and think if you are going to start something, why wait until a new year sticks its head out from the calendar.

For myself,I do tend to make resolutions or promises to myself, and yes sometimes they work and sometimes they dont.

I tend to ask my friends, like Bob and Martin and podcast co hosts Stuart Miller and Anthony Alex what their resolutions would be,but this year I decided to take that one step further and ask some of my friends who work in the media and film world what their new year resolutions are and their thoughts on the whole resolution thing in general.  Wonderfully I received some wonderful replies and thought I would share them with you in some articles.

First up is a lady whom I spoke to on one of the first FromPage2Screen Media podcasts. Since then we have kept in touch. She is not just a wonderful actress, but a wonderful lifecoach, a producer, but more than that.A wonderful person.


So what does Brooke think of the whole new year  resolution things?

Does Brooke have any? You bet she has.

Here they are.

“As an actress, life coach and spiritual person, I feel like I am not just committed to ‘New Year Resolutions’, but resolutions and goals throughout the entire year! I strongly believe in setting small goals that are attainable several times per year, because when we are capable of accomplishing them, we feel positive, happy and fulfilled. This year, I will be working on more balance in my life and career. I want to enjoy some of the peace and quiet between the storms. I have always been a “Do Do Do” type of person and I want to experience more of the “Be Be Be” in the new year. I am trying not to be so “critical” of myself, my body, my acting performances and allow myself to enjoy that Red Velvet Cake once in awhile, without shame or regret! I really want to not care so much about what others think of me…I own my good and my life!!!”

Id like to thank Brooke for taking the time to share her resolutions with me.

You can check out more about Brooke Lewis on the following links.

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Brooke Lewis’s Production Company Homepage

Photograph:by Genna Sandler Photography

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