Next weeks Movie Show with @cryptictadpole & @anthonyalex

Stuart Miller (The Monday Movie Show) & Anthony Alex (The AngryMailman Podcast) are no strangers to the FromPage2Screen podcasts. Anthony having been a co host since early 2012 and Stuart Miller having made an appearance or two on the show and me appearing on one of his shows.

The next episode of The Movie Show will feature those two and myself as we chat about films from our childhood.

Now its not the iconic films, it doesnt have to be all about Star Wars or ET or Toy Story. It can the films that WE feel define our childhood. Those films that pop up in our minds when we think about our youthful days either at the cinema or on that old thing called VHS.

Today I shall be making my list of at least ten films that meant something to me as a child, and once Anthony and Mr Miller read this blog posting. I hope their minds get all fired up as they recall the films that meant something to their own particular childhood.

As a teaser for one of the films I might use or might not use.

Heres the trailer.

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