The Latest FromPage2Screen Podcast Episode dedicated to @cryptictadpole

Anthony Alex (The AngryMailman) returned to chatting with myself (Stuart Bannerman) this week after his vehicle mishap last week.

This weeks episode covers foreign films, what we have watched, British films and also the projects that we have been working in since we last spoke.

One of the slightly longer conversations we have is about Stuart Miller (The Monday Movie Show) now a slight issue has cropped up post recording with this topic from one listener who seemed to think that Anthony and I were a little harsh on Stuart Miller.

Im hoping that once SM listens to the episode he will of course realise that Anthony and I are in fact ridiculing ourselves and not Stuart Miller.

If anything Anthony and I were pointing out that in the land of foreign films, Stuart Millers knowledge supersedes our own.

Other than that. Its a great show. With some great little reviews in there.

So do enjoy. I dedicate this blog entry to The Monday Movie Show which can be found on Spreaker (as can the shows I produce)

If you dont use Itunes or Stitcher or Spreaker then you can right click on the link, save as, in order to listen to the show wherever you want.

Right Click here and select Save As

You can also check the show out on Thursdays at and also on (not sure on the timing on the shows air with that one as yet) Check their website out for more details.


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