Sons of Anarchy Cast Member Found Dead & Suspected of Murder

Actor Johnny Lewis who played Kip ‘Half Sack’ Eppsin for two seasons of the awesome show Sons of Anarchy was found dead yesterday his body discovered at the same property as an 81-year-old woman Johnny was suspected of murdering

Johnny was found dead in a driveway.

Johnny is also suspected of murdering the 81 year old owner of the property.

Neighbours heard the old woman screaming and saw ‘a young man’ outside with a plank of wood before he tried to flee the scene, instead falling to his death from a roof

Its always sad when I read about the death of an actor or a producer.

This tale however just proves that no matter how much talent you have on screen, you are still prone to having exactly the same issues as ‘regular people’

Johnny was a great actor and I remember him well from Sons of Anarchy. My thoughts go out to the friends of his but more importantly to the family and friends of the 81 year old woman who died.

Grim story.


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